Ep. 49 - Spirit Duels with Designer Daniel Miller

Today we sit down and have a chat with Daniel Miller, the designer of the card and dice game Spirit Duels! Spirit Duels is a fast-paced card game of dice-driven combat. Lead a team of magical creatures known as Spirits into battle against your opponent! Command and evolve your Spirits to gain the advantage in combat and defeat your rivals! We are super excited to be checking out this game and have been having a blast with it. If you haven't yet, go check out the preview and "How to Play" video we did on it over on our YouTube channel, we'll be sure to post it down below. We're excited to be able to chat with Daniel and get to know him a little bit, and talk to him about his experiences in the industry, and learn more about this awesome game! We can't wait to have you check out the interview!


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